Gage Roads Brewing Co is stoked to announce its latest froth Side Track All Day XPA.

Side Track is the perfect partner for care-free days with no plans, or when you’re looking for a moment to relax and refresh. Side Track doesn’t compromise on flavour and is jammed packed with fresh citrus and tropical fruit aromas. The light malt base brings a smooth body with crisp bitterness. All that in a mid-strength at 3.5% ABV.

Gage Roads Brewing’s head brewer Ross Brown says Side Track is perfect for those who are after a full-flavoured mid-strength beer.

“Side Track is a refreshing, flavourful and sessionable beer. I’m really excited about the depth of flavour we’ve been able to achieve with Side Track. It has such a pronounced, fresh aroma and we’ve been able to tread that fine-line of balance. You wouldn’t know it was a mid-strength unless you looked at the can,” says Ross Brown.

Mid-Strength XPA